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Warmup your WordPress and CDN cache using our cloud crawler technology​

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WordPress caching plugins only work when you get visitors to your site. Most of the times, a website is served cold to search engines.

How Does It Work?

We crawl your site on schedule to build up WordPress cache. If your site is using a CDN service, our crawler will also pull images to the CDN edge servers. Your site will start loading at lightning speeds.

Setup Crawler in 3 Easy Steps

Create your WPCrawl account

Install our plugin on your site

Verify your site and watch it grow!

WPCrawl is an external WordPress crawler to scan your site every day. Using WPCrawl with efficient caching plugins, your website will be ready for the search engines at all times🚀. Additionally, your visitors will thank you for amazing site response times 😉

WPCrawl is free for personal use with a limit of 150 crawl credits per month. The crawling of the site will pause until next month when you reach your usage limit.

Server-side preloading and caching plugins and scripts are only generating WordPress cache. WPCrawl also builds up your CDN cache pulling images to the edge servers. This way your site will be almost static, without losing the advantage of dynamic page generation.

WPCrawl plugin will be available through official WordPress Plugins repository soon. Development version can be downloaded from github.

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