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Reach New Heights

Cloud powered WordPress Cache Warmer to get your site response times to a new level

WordPress caching plugins only work when you get visitors to your site. 

Most of the time, a website is served cold to search engines.

How Does It Work?

WPCrawl cloud servers crawl your site on schedule to build up WordPress cache. If your site is using a CDN service, our crawlers will also pull images to the CDN edge servers. Your site will start loading at lightning speeds.

A little bit background..

Hi there! My name is Metin and I am the owner and developer of WPCrawl. I have been working on WordPress websites since 2009.


WPCrawl initially started as a python script to crawl my WordPress sites. Because I learned the hard way that your site need to be always on cache if you want to beat the huge sites out there.


But there was a problem using local scripts. They don’t work if your target audience is in another country.


For myself, it was the USA, and I was running the script from Turkiye. As a result of this, my sites were only cached on Europe edge servers.


So I decided to go online.


I have never considered using server-side plugins or scripts for this task. Because that will be another bottleneck in the server performance. And if you are using a shared server, that will definitely be worse.


That’s why I developed this web application where you can launch cloud-based site crawlers easily.


WPCrawl has only one simple purpose; warming up your WordPress cache. I know that simplicity is what most of us looking for right now. That’s why it was designed to be as simple as possible.


If you want to improve your site’s cache rate, you are just one step away from that. Create your free account now and improve your site’s cache performance using our cloud-based crawlers.


Metin Saylan (@metinsaylan)

No credit cards required, cancel anytime

Setup Crawler in 3 Easy Steps

Create your  account

Verify your site

Watch your site grow!

WPCrawl is an external WordPress crawler that crawls your site on schedule. Using WPCrawl with efficient caching plugins, your website will be ready for the search engines at all times🚀. Additionally, your visitors will thank you for amazing site response times 😉

Caching plugins only generate cache if your site get visitors. You can however improve your site cache rate using an external crawler like WPCrawl. This will help your SEO efforts because your site response speed will improve.

Server-side scripts and plugins are always a bottleneck on your server performance. Using an external service will prevent this. Additionally if you have a CDN or reverse-proxy cache over your site, WPCrawl will also help build that cache for your site.

WPCrawl is free for personal use with a limit of 1500 crawl credits per month. We do not ask any payment information unless you need PRO features.

No credit cards required, cancel anytime

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