Being one of the most robust and constantly updated CMS platforms, we believe that WordPress gives freedom to everyone whether they are tech-savvy or just a simple blogger. WordPress has many great benefits and it is really a great tool to publish content.

But with the latest developments in Search Engines ranking systems, we saw a great problem with the environment:

WordPress is a highly dynamic system.

WordPress allows you to create a fully dynamic website that is reflecting every single change you make on the admin interface instantly. And unfortunately, this has a cost. That cost is generally paid as RAM and computational power on your hosting.

When a visitor visits your page, an average page generation takes about 2 seconds depending on your theme and the number of plugins installed. Server response time affects your search engine rankings because it adds to the total page load time.

Thus, most experienced users will use caching plugins and CDN platforms like Cloudflare. But;

Using a caching plugin and CDN on its own is not enough for a fast website. Because caching plugins and CDN work only if the content is requested at least once.

If a page never got a request before, this page will not be in the page cache and it will always take more time to load this page.

When a search engine crawler visits your website, on average only 20% of your site will be on the cache. All other pages will be served cold and they will perform worse on page speed measurements.

Even if you use a WordPress plugin to prime page cache, the CDN cache will still be cold. And that affects image loading time on your site if they are not previously pulled to CDN with an external hit.

That’s why we have decided to build an external WordPress crawler that can crawl your WordPress site.

 How Does WPCrawl Help?

Here are the benefits you will have when you use WPCrawl to prime your WordPress cache:

  • Page cache on the server side will be generated
  • Edge cache for the CDN will be built up
  • Alternate pages cache ( like /amp ) will be generated
  • Primary images on posts will be cached on edge
  • Alternate image sizes will be cached on the edge

Developer’s Note

Hey There! My name is Metin. I am an official WordPress plugin developer with 10+ years of experience in WordPress.

At first, I developed this crawler as a desktop script for my personal use. It worked very nice and brought me a lot of advantages in my SEO efforts.

But distributing a script is not really helpful for most WordPress users. It is hard to run, it is hard to debug, and not really user-friendly.

That’s why I designed and developed this simple platform with the sole purpose of cache warming on WordPress websites.

Pricing is pretty straightforward. Basic users can enjoy free cache warming up to 150 crawls per month, while advanced users can simply pay as much as they need. No commitments, cancel anytime.

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