WpCrawl is not an SEO tool. However, it will have huge benefits on your site including SEO indirectly. In this post, I will explain who should use this crawler and what you should expect.


The SEO Game

Search engine optimization is one of the most challenging tasks but definitely has a huge ROI advantage when compared to advertising on high-volume keywords.

Mainly, SEO has two sides; on-site and off-site. On-site SEO is about your appearance (response) and what you are talking about. Off-site SEO is what others are talking about you.

You should work on both parts carefully if you are aiming a long term success in the website publishing business.


What do SEO tools include?

Basically, search engines and optimization tools look for answers to the following questions:

1. Structure: Is your page structured correctly?
2. Content: Does your page have a focus on specific keywords?
3. Authority: Are those keywords aligned with your site’s group of keywords? (That is called topical authority)
4. Speed: Is your site fast?

The fourth step is where WPCrawl is related to the SEO game.

If you are not operating a huge site with more than thousands of backlinks, Google or any search engine will not bring you up to the first page with a dead-slow website.

Even if they did, a user clicking a slow site will return to other results for a faster result. That bouncing action then pushes slow sites back to lower results.

Your site response times should be blazing fast. And it can be accomplished by either having a VPS server which cost more than $45 monthly, or using the most efficient caching system so your site response will be always served from a cache.


How does WPCrawl help?

WpCrawl sends requests to your site on schedule to make your site ready for all future requests. This of course only works if you have caching plugins on your site.

Additionally, if you have a CDN server or reverse proxy cache in front of your site, this request will also build up the page cache on your CDN servers.


Why WPCrawl is not an SEO tool?

WPCrawl is not an SEO tool. Because it doesn’t check your site content. In fact, it doesn’t even download the page.

It is just making a HEAD request for the page that only returns headers meta as a response.

Using the information in the headers part of the response, WPCrawl checks if the page was cached or not.

Looking at the specific keys in the response header we can tell a lot about a page.



WPCrawl is not a replacement for SEO tools. It is a helper application for making your site respond better at all times. You can always use SEO apps or pro plugins to achieve similar results.

But our aim is to make this capability accessible and affordable for all publishers out there.

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Which SEO tools are you using to improve your site? Leave them in the comments below!

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